The Crimson River is a level connecting the Darkness and the Plains levels.

You can get a Harvesting Finger in the Crimson river by unlocking three light barriers using the Triangle Tattoo. You main objective will be to get to the Cherry Blossom Trees. The one on the top of the level is the entrance to the Darkness. The one in the middle the Fire Cairn. The one a little bit down the entrance to the plains and the other the positions of the three triangle tattoo switches that open the 3 light barriers.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The area is crowded with Exploders, so be really smart planing where and how you are going to dash.
  • Getting to the Fire Cairn is easy. This should be your main objective when entering the level.
  • There's a trick to skip most of this map that is used in speedruns. If you stand at Fire Cairn and look at the Harvesting Finger, to your left (at about 10:30) there is an island, you can Dash down to. From that island it is possible to Dash up directly to the Harvesting Finger, without opening any Light Barriers.
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