Infernium 's Lore is like an onion. Each layer has it's own space and together they act as a whole. The Witches of the Tella Valley, Marina and the divers and the sheer nature of Infernium are the three main protagonists of the Lore. The lore is also linked with the gameplay of Infernium. For example, the Player can scout new areas by looking at the maps Marina and the crew have previously created, serving as a sort of ingame guide .

Marina and the crew[edit | edit source]

Marina is without any doubts the main character of the game. She wrote grafitis all over Infernium that narrates a story once put together. That story is about Marina herself and how she and some of her friends found Infernium by chance and how they react when need to choose wether to explain it to society or not. It also depicts the death of Denis, Marina's boyfriend and how that affects everyone. The story also involves scuba diving concepts and magic mushrooms.

To read the whole story please visit The complete story of Marina in order page.

It remains unclear if the player is Marina in form of a wanderer yet. There are a couple of theories supporting this. As a community we need to keep investigating.

Notes at Denis memorial:[edit | edit source]


"no es mas grande quien mas ocupa sino quien mas vacio deja cuando se va" (Popular Spanish demotivator phrase: "The grandness of a man is measured by the void he leaves behind, not by the space he occupied before leaving").

firmado: tus amigos que no te olvidan (Spanish: "signed: your friends who don't forget you")

Picture on a ground:

Mikel: "Bainan honela ez zen gehiago txoria izango" (This is a verse from a poem "Txoria txori" in Basque:

"[If I had cut its wings

It would've been mine,

It wouldn't have gone away.]

But, that way

It would no longer have been a bird.")

Oriol: "Segueix somiant" (Catalan - "Keep Dreaming")

Ainara: "Gracias por todo" (Spanish - "Thanks for everything")

Marina: "no estas mort perque no t oblido. Sempre al meu cor" (Catalan - "You are not dead for you are not forgotten. [You are] always in my heart")

Characters[edit | edit source]






The Witches of Tella Valley[edit | edit source]

At the end of Marina's story, she descovered a way to translate the messages that some witches from 5 centuries ago left in Infernium. These messages are coded in old Spanish with the types changed. Hopefully someone will translate these messages in the near future. Contact the admins of this wiki if someone is willing too, please. We think in those messages it will be explained how Infernium was created and why.

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