For the sake of purpose, we will separate Infernium's levels into two kinds; environments discovered by the scientists and environments that still remain Uncharted. The uncharted environment will be split into diferent areas. Aside from that, bear in mind some of these environments belong to the vertical loop level design and some of them are separated. There al also optional environments that you do not need to visit to complete the game. If you are searching for the player progression and the order you visit (or should visit) the levels, please check out the Guide.

Infernium Map Interconnected jpg.jpg

Charted Levels[edit | edit source]

Edge Fortress


Floating Castle

Rain Bridge


Crimson River


Silent Catacombs

Wet Cave


Uncharted Levels[edit | edit source]


Twin Waterfalls

The Descent

The Icelands


The Beach

The Sun

Arenas[edit | edit source]

Waterfall Arena

Rainny Castle Arena

Green Hallways Arena

Plains Arena

Underground Lake Arena

Heaven Arena

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