The Memorandum, is the second level of the game and also the level that serves as a hub. Here you will find the stairway to Heaven and the connections with The Catacombs and the Floating Castle. The first time you visit the Memorandum you come from the Edge Fortress.

The area is worth exploring because it is full of Light and also packed with, "Lore Areas," like the tomb of Denis or the changing station.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When you have the long dash you can use it to traverse the big columns on the center to get quickly to the other side
  • There is no need to spent one full harvesting finger in the first Light Barrier of the stairway to Heaven. You can dash to the other side without paying Light!
  • If you are in the lower, interior area you can go back to the Fire Cairn by dashing into the cliffs down of the Fire Cairn and going through a little dungeon. It is crowded with Crimson Cloaks but if you don't stop and keep going up you won't have much trouble.
  • You can get the Circle Tattoo in the interiors if you have two full harvesting fingers. This object is optional to complete the adventure.
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