The Descent is a level leading to the purgatory and the sun. The stairway starts on the Silent Catacombs level.

The design of this level is quite simple. When you go down the stairs you will find blocked paths. If you have the skill needed to unlock it you will be able to continue down the stairs. If you haven't unlock the skill yet you will need to complete a challenge.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

  • The first challenge is a Ritual challenge. If you have the triangle tattoo you can skip it.
  • The second challenge is a cave full of Light Foes. If you have have the Flash Light you can skip it.
  • The third challenge involve elevators, hallways and exploders, if you have the long dash you can avoid it.
  • The fourth challenge is a ritual challenge but with a Ghost Cloak chasing you. If you have the Compass you can avoid it. This challenge is only necesary to complete if you want to go to The Sun. If you want to go to The Purgatory there is no need to complete this challenge.
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